Progress on IO1

AE2O, the leader of IO1, has presented in TM2 Sopot, the selection of 30 templates / resources for each stage of mobility, gathered by the organizations within the consortium. Partners have used a template created by the IO1 leader to make the description of these tools. AE2O has selected the ones that represented the best practices and that could be internationally transferable, accessible and understandable – a coordinated approach to the stages of preparation, implementation and evaluation of work based mobility.

Partners have suggested a division of the stage of preparation in two parts, as there is a long work to do with young people, in order to prepare them for mobility. It was also proposed that the template should be re-designed, so as to include new criteria.

Partners have now to complete templates with additional information, taking into account this will be then uploaded to INCAS site by the IO2 leader.

INCAS project aims to facilitate work-based learning mobilities for disadvantaged young learners, attending second chance education, by making these  resources available to disadvantaged and disaffected young adults in a more engaging manner that meets the needs of young people who are very familiar with mobile apps & on-line tools.

Maria do Céu Gomes
IO1 leader