INCAS Project – 3rd Transnational Meeting in Matosinhos

The 3rd Transnational Meeting of the Incas Project took place on the 24th and 25th October 2019 in the City Hall of Matosinhos. It had the participation of representatives from all the partners of the Project and also from E2C representatives, since the E2C Board Meeting and the General Assembly took place on the same days in the City Hall of Matosinhos.

On the first day, Maria do Céu Gomes from AE2O gave an overview of IO1 SCE Mobility Toolbox status, informing that all translations need to be completed by end of October. After that, Maciej Markowicz from Danmar Computers gave a presentation of the e-platform.
Then, Linda Sykes from Doncaster College, presented an overview of the IO2 SCE Mobility Quality System Report. It was referred the importance of integrating the 10 principles of the European Quality Charter into mobility and the need to ensure the INCAS QA system is aligned with these. It was noted that Danmar Computers and Doncaster College have worked together to develop the QA framework. Partners asked to evaluate IO2 against the quality criteria identified in the quality plan
Before finishing the meeting, partners fed back on dissemination activities they have carried out so far, both internally in their organisations and externally.
On the second day of the meeting, Nick Rudkin from Doncaster College presented a proposal for the structure of the IO2 flowchart while Isabel Jakubowska and Anna Dukowska from CKU introduced IO3 e-learning materials, explaining its division in 9 thematic areas that need to be developed and translated. They showed their idea of using the analogy of a car. ( “My career”.e.g. Fuel is mobility. Wing mirrors are GPS. Petrol station is “Motivation station”). By clicking on various parts of the car the learners open up resources to help them reach their goals. They showed that this application can also be used in mobile phones.
It was a great meeting where, once again, participants had the opportunity to show the work they had been developing in order to achieve the Project aims.
In the last day, AE2O offered a lunch to all the INCAS participants and some E2C representatives in the Second Chance School of Matosinhos. It was a fantastic moment of conviviality and cuisine tasting.
Hope everyone enjoyed their stay in Matosinhos!