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How to prepare short self – presentation videos

When making a video to present yourself to a future employer, you have to take two main things in consideration:

a) Quality of the video

Non-verbal language: you have to pay attention to the body posture, be sure that you look in the camera and you don’t do gestures that may create a wrong impression about you (eg. chewing gum may give the impression that you don’t take this seriously). Also the way you are dressed will say a lot about you, so make sure you will choose a neat outfit.

Image & sound quality: Firstly, you have to choose a quiet place, where your voice can be heard clearly, then you have to be at the right distance from the camera and speak loudly & clearly to be sure that people understand what you say. For what concerns the image, you have to pay attention to the light (“contre-jour” effect) and to the background.

b) Speech

Before recording, you need to make some notes and structure your speech following some ideas.

At first you can introduce yourself (name, age, school/college). Then you should mention your work experience and what practical things you have learned to do during that period of time (hard skills), ordered chronologically. After that, soft skills have to be mentioned, you have to show the employer  what kind of person you are (eg. communication, critical thinking, leadership, teamwork, positive attitude, work ethic). These details will give value to your presentation and will help the employer to have a better idea about you and convince him that you can be an important part of his team.

It is important to mention the foreign languages that you speak and the level (eg. I learned English 4 years ago and I can communicate very well, I understand everything and I can also have complex conversations).

In the end it is recommended to reiterate your interest in the job by naming again some of your most important features and the fact that you are open for giving more details (I look forward to speaking with you more about my qualifications).

Exercise: Watch the video examples and make other videos presenting yourself.

Video no 1.

“Hi! My name is Tino and I’m 18 years. In June I´m going to finish the year nine, having the qualification on Cookery. I did a professional apprenticeship in a restaurant and during summer break I worked in the same area of work. This gave me a lot of experience. I learned many things, such as health and safety in a kitchen, working with fish, meat, poultry and vegetables. I also learned to work with a wide range of commodities in the preparation, cooking and presentation of dishes.

After finishing my studies and getting my diploma I would like to make a long-term mobility abroad. I’m keen on English, but this is an opportunity  to improve even more my  language skills. I also want to know about different cultures and customs.

I am a communicative and open-minded person. I love to learn new things and to work as a team. I’m a serious and trustable person. I like punctuality and to respect my schedule.

I would be very happy if you gave me the opportunity to work in your company.
Thank you”

Video no 2.

“Hello! My name is Ioan, I am 17 years old. I am about to finish the high school, having the qualification of auto electrician. I did practice at the service near my home. During this period I learned how to repair different vehicle components and different errors caused by the electric part of the car. After finishing the school and after receiving my diploma, I’d like to work long-term abroad in your company. I speak and I understand English very well, but I also want to learn the language of the country where I work. I am a communicative person with my co-workers  with team spirit and I quickly learn what I have to do. I am a men of work, I respect my schedule and I do my best to finish all the tasks. I would love to have a new experience along you and the company you own.”