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My Profile


This module is devoted to the importance of presentencing yourself when applying for a job or a mobility programme. How can you show that you are the right person?

To capture the attention of future employers or host organizations, candidates often use an online career profile. Also known as a professional profile or simply a “profile”, a career profile summarises your work, education and other relevant experiences, giving a more comprehensive view of who you are. The objective of this module is to learn how to make a good online career profile and to be conscious of the best tools to present yourself.

By the end of this module, you will learn:

  • how to increase your awareness of your own achievements,
  • how to develop effective communication skills,
  • how to make a conscious choice of tools to present yourself,
  • the importance of reflecting on who you are,
  • the main rules to have an impact on others,
  • how to prepare short videos with short autopresentation,
  • how to prepare a good and innovative CV,
  • how to prepare a letter of intent.