Upgrade your skills!

Upgrade your skills!


Do you know them?

What do Zuckerberg, Einstein and Jobs have in common? Unprecedented success. And one more thing: they either stayed seated, had bad grades or had no degree at all.

These examples show that school grades say little about what a person can actually achieve. That is why the states in Europe have agreed to describe competencies. Competencies describe better what a person is able to do than school grades.

You will learn about these competencies on these pages. Your stamina is certainly required in some places.

By the end of this module you will learn

  • more about the  eight important competencies that the states in the EU have agreed on and what they describe
  • you can analyse job offers better because the requirement for competencies is “hidden” in job offers
  • you know which competencies are particularly required and promoted in a mobility to another country