International Work Placement guide


How to recruit your work placement

This chapter helps you to set personal goals before directing you to getting help and support. It then guides you to making decisions about the country, sector and job that you would like to do.

How to prepare for your work placement

This chapter talks about the purpose of mobility and what you can gain from it. It recommends the sort of information that you will need before you travel and gives you some tips on what to pack and take with you

How to survive your placement

This chapter gives you useful tips on what to expect and how to prepare for, or how to deal with the unexpected.

How to use your experience after your work placement

This chapter explains how to assess what you have learned on your work experience, what skills and competences you have used or gained and how to present your achievements.


How to recruit work placements

This chapter raises awareness of different work cultures, the needs of employers and provides tips on what to look for in a work placement provider

How to encourage learners for work placement

This chapter looks at relationship building between trainer/teacher and learner, supporting learners in their decision making and planning a support structure

How to support learners when on work placement

This chapter targets the accompanying person who provides support during the mobility. It provides tips for technical support at the work placement as well as for well- being and pastoral support.

How to validate the outcomes of a work placement

This chapter looks at different approaches to assessment and validation e.g. ECVET and describes how the achievements of the learner can be validated against their learning agreement.