Mobility Toolbox

The IO1 SCE Mobility Toolbox is a collection of the essential tools and templates to be used in the four phases of an international work placement (pre-preparation; preparation; implementation and evaluation) and it is available via online INCAS platform. These SCE Mobility Toolkits comprise tools from several sources and were reworked by Incas partners to a higher level of usability and accessibility. A minimum of ten tools for each stage were integrated in the toolbox, leading to a minimum total of thirty essentials to be made available online for international work placements.


Tools used during the initial stage
  • Basic Vocational Training – fulltime work placement at public or private workplaces
  • Career counseling at school
  • ERASMUS + Work placement
  • Job station
  • The pyramid of Maslow's needs, a pretext (tool) for self-motivation for mobility
  • The story of my life


Tools used for mobility preparation
  • Expectations - Fears - Contributions
  • Information Session
  • Language/Culture Session
  • Learner Handbook for Mobility - Part 1
  • Letter of Motivation
  • Participant Work and Information Record


Tools used during the mobility
  • Citymap for youngsters
  • Code of Conduct
  • Guide for Youth Integration in a Mobility Abroad
  • Learner Handbook for Mobility - Part 2
  • Mobility follow-up
  • Photo Book
  • RISK analysis
  • Self-reflection tool
  • Work plan tool


Tools used in the evaluation phase
  • 8 key competences
  • Awards Ceremony
  • Enhancing life skills using mobile phone applications in a mobility situation
  • Learner Handbook for Mobility - Part 3
  • Mid-term and final evaluation
  • Mobility ambassador - Peer to peer teaching
  • Posts on Schools website
  • Sensorial path activity
  • Student Logbook
  • Student Mobility Output
  • The evaluation scale