DN Colleges Group

Doncaster College is one of the largest colleges of further and higher education in South Yorkshire and provides education and training to almost 9,000 students.  Doncaster College’s Waterfront campus opened in September 2006, giving students access to some of the best educational facilities in the country.  The Hub offers a wide variety of higher and further education courses at the state-of-the-art site.

In 2017 Doncaster College merged with North Lindsey College, Scunthorpe to form DN Colleges Group, with a collective student population of 13,400.

Both colleges offer a wide range of vocational and educational programmes ranging from entry level vocational courses to post graduate degrees with significant expertise in apprenticeships and vocational programmes.


EPPSi is a private not-for-profit organisation, working in the field of education and training, to promote social inclusion through European strategic partnerships. EPPSi is based in the Republic of Ireland but works across Europe with links in UK, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Denmark and France.
EPPSi specialises in adult, youth and vocational education and training, bringing together organisations, professionals and learners to cooperate, to share best practice, to innovate & to develop in order to improve the teaching and learning experience of individuals through a cross European network of universities, vocational colleges, second chance schools and training providers. EPPSi also specialises in developing citizenship, employability, language skills, life-skills and social skills through formal and informal learning.

Weiterbildungskolleg Linker Niederrhein – Dep. Mönchengladbach

Weiterbildungskolleg Mönchengladbach was founded as a public school in 1965. This was a time when German politics tries to improve educational opportunities for young people and adults. Until 1975 this was an evening offer for working adults. This changed when, in the 1970s during economic crisis for the first time in Germany many young people became unemployed. Since then, Weiterbildungskollegs have gradually changed to Second Chance Schools, which lead young people to graduation.

At Weiterbildungskolleg Linker Niederrhein department Mönchengladbach, fifteen teachers and one social worker today mainly work with adolescents and young adults who were unsuccessful in the first 10 years of schooling and young people who have fled or immigrated from all over the world.


CESIE is a non-governmental organisation, established in 2001, inspired by the work and theories of the Italian sociologist Danilo Dolci (1924-1997). CESIE contributes to the active participation of people, civil societies and institutions through the implementation of projects on various thematic areas, towards the promotion of growth and development, always valuing diversity in the respect of ethics and human development.

Our MISSION is to promote growth through innovative and participative educational approaches.

Our objectives:

  • To improve lifelong education in Europe through transnational projects involving local communities
  • To promote sustainable development of neighbouring regions and beyond through training and education
  • To foster progress and innovation in Higher Education and Research
  • To support learning mobility for people at all ages, across borders and sectors
  • To stimulate local growth by adapting international good practices and methods

As a European centre of Studies and Initiatives, the organisation is dedicated to the promotion of research and development so as to increase and improve future-oriented innovation processes in educational, social, economic and cultural spheres believing in the cross-cutting of organisations cooperating within heterogeneous fields and sectors.

Centre for Continuing Education

The Centre for Continuing Education in Sopot, Poland (Centrum Kształcenia Ustawicznego w Sopocie) is public VET and adult education centre for students aged 18+ up to over 80 years old. CKU Sopot offers formal, non-formal and informal education. It provides services for different target groups: youth, adults, seniors, teachers, unemployed, school leavers/drop outs, disabled, victims of violence and more. Yearly it provides education for about 1200 people.

Within organization there are: Third Age University; Sopot Teachers Training Centre; International Projects Team; Association: ‘Labour-Education-Health’, Practice Company and Office of regional consultant for educational and professional development.

European Association of  Second Chance Schools (E2C)

The European Association of Cities, Institutions and Second Chance Schools is an international network organisation in the field of teaching or enabling young people with lack of skills or qualifications to successfully gain access to education programmes or to the labour market.
The Association is an independent non-profit organisation and was legally established in Heerlen (The Netherlands) on the 4th of June 1999.
E2C is the only European network that deals only with Second Chance Education. It‘s working hard to establish throughout Europe special programs for disadvantaged youngsters who leave the mainstream education without success. We are engaged to open new doors for them to find a job and a way to an independent live. The European Commission invites our experts in working groups and hearings, because there is a lot to learn from Second Chance Education.

NDA Romania Logo

Asociata Noi de asemena

“Noi de Asemenea” (NDA) association is an active non-profit NGO that use to work for more than 20 years with disadvantaged children in the school environment and at children’s families.  The staff of NDA includes mostly teachers, psychologists and engineers, but we have collaborations with people in the medical field, local education institutions, entrepreneurs and media partners.
Some of our members coordinated european projects for Second chance, or worked in regional teams for professional insertion of NEET, under Erasmus+ program. Most of the NDA staff was the beneficiaries of LLP Programme like Comenius individual mobility, Comenius multilateral partnership, or study visit abroad.
Promoting the best approaches in lifelong learning through cooperation in European projects

  • To promote the European values and lifelong learning for the equal opportunities of disadvantaged groups;
  • Counseling, guidance and training for young people to increase their social and life skills, professional, technical and communication skills;
  • Increasing quality of life and active aging through effective cooperation and communication between generations;
  • To support low-skilled students to complete compulsory school and to facilitate them finding a job according their competences.

More information: http://www.ndaromania.ro
Contact: ndaproject@yahoo.com

AE2O – Associação para a Educação de Segunda Oportunidade

AE2O is a non profit, non governmental organization, whose aim is to promote second chance education, working especially with vulnerable young people with low qualifications, unemployed and at risk of social exclusion. Its main activity is to run Escola de Segunda Oportunidade de Matosinhos, a pilot project that started in 2008, the only second chance school in the country, member of the European network of second chance schools (E2C-Europe).

Matosinhos Second Chance School targets 15 to 25 year olds who have left school without finishing their basic education due to social and emotional difficulties that impeded their continuing engagement in formal learning. For 10 years now, works in a very alternative way, offering young dropouts a new experience of training, following an holistic pedagogical approach. The students develop their own Individual Training Plans, combining vocational, artistic, school and personal and social skills. The school offers a positive environment and an arts based curriculum which attracts the attendance and encourages the learning of these young people.

AE2O is actively working to establish in Portugal a national policy to reduce early leaving. At the same time, is encouraging all over the country local initiatives and dynamizing a national network of institutions and initiatives of second chance education, E2O Portugal.

AE2O is an accredited training provider, certified by national agency DGERT. For many years AE2O has been organising and participating in many international projects (youth exchanges and events, seminars, training courses, networking activities) offering young people, staff and other adults opportunities for personal, professional and social development.

Danmar Computers

Danmar Computers LLC is a private company operating in the field of Information Technology and providing vocational training in this field. Danmar has an extensive experience in developing modern Web and mobile applications that are used for educational purposes. Danmar also has long-term experience of carrying out European projects within which company’s R&D staff conducts research and prepares trainings tailored to the needs of various learners. During 15 years, Danmar has successfully implemented over 50 projects within Grundtvig, Leonardo da Vinci, Progress and recently Erasmus+.

In many of these projects Danmar was responsible for designing and coordinating dissemination strategies. Danmar Computers is the developer and provider of AdminProject (adminproject.eu), the on-line system for management of European projects. All activities of the company are based on wide and well-established cooperation network, both on national and international levels. The national networks include training and counselling institutions, universities, schools, non-governmental organisations as well as private sector companies. International network include partners of various profiles coming from every European Union’s country. Danmar Computer’s mission is the promotion of life-long education and assurance of equal access to education for everyone with the use of modern technology.